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What do you need to take for gsce to be a language translator

Updated London, England, United Kingdom

That is what i want to be when i grow up #language #translation #foreign-languages

2 answers

Laurent’s Answer

Hello Hannah: You can research translation-interpretation companies near where you live ( the bigger cities/towns) are better, and contact them and ask if you can do an "informational interview " to learn more about what they do, they skills they need, and meet some people in the company. Also some language institutes/universities offer classes in simultaneous interpretation or general translation. Bonne chance !!

Chris’s Answer

Updated Montpellier, Occitanie, France
Hi Hannah, In France, there is no official degree to become a translator. Even though, you should apply for ESIT or ISIT in Paris which are the best schools to become a translator. Then, some masters are available around France (4 or 5: Toulouse, Rennes, Montpellier, Grenoble for example) Usually translators make translations into their own language so on top of having a great level of language for the source text, it is important their production (target language) is written correctly. Hope I helped.