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How to write education in resume?

If i attend summer school or training in college, should i write it? I am second-year undergraduate. resume-writing job-application

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5 answers

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Lisa’s Answer

If the training or education is directly related to your major, and it is not part of the required coursework for graduation, I would add it to your resume or CV. It is something additional that may make the difference between you and another candidate for a job, or grad school. You are showing initiative, and commitment to continuously learn.

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Erin’s Answer

I agree with Lisa -- add the summer school and training to your resume. This way, anyone who reads your resume will get a full picture of your education preparation and will know your commitment to continued learning. That being said, make sure anything you list on your resume is relevant in some way to what you’re applying for. Don’t include a massive list of courses you’ve taken, especially not if they’re general, freshman courses. From what you’re explaining, I don’t think that’s the case so you probably don’t have to worry about that.

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Simeon’s Answer

Only include specific classes or education in your resume if it's directly relevant to the job you're applying for. Recruiters won't be impressed by the fact that you took a lot of classes over several different topics. Their job is not to evaluate how educated you are, but to see how prepared you are for the tasks you'll be responsible for. If a class is relevant, add some bullet points about the specific lessons that you learned in such a way that the application is obvious. Use the job description from the company to guide this analysis and writing.
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Hanleigh’s Answer

Hi! First, you do not need to include a summary or an objective. Your experiences should include 3-5 robust descriptions about relevant skills and accomplishments acquired on the job. I think any experience like internships, organizational leadership, jobs, and many other positions can be great experiences to include on your resume. Remember, not all of your experiences have to be a traditional job. You also have an opportunity to include any volunteer, awards, and education. You want to include if you were in any educational honor societies, tutoring experiences, and teaching assistant experiences.
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Carole’s Answer

I agree with the other two suggestions because it is very important to let the company know that you are willing to keep learning and it shows a commitment and initiative on your part. Here are a couple of suggestions:
1. Everyone does resume a little differently and here is my format: Name, address, phone and email on top; If you have an objective you might state it as the next point with a short sentence or two; the next area should be Qualifications ( meaning what skill do you have that pertains to the job you are looking for and what the company needs. this is a very important part of the resume, because employers pick up the skills that apply to the job; Next you can go with an Education or a Job Experience title; you said that you are still in school so your Education should come next by saying as an example "undergraduate Sophomore student with a ????major and have taken these classes (then you can list the classes that are appropriate for the job that you have taken and are taking at this time period"); suggestions for this is if you have had a recent summer school class state that on resume, or if you had experience some sort of training now or in the past you can state that too. Give dates and year you attended the class or training. If you received any kind of certification put that on there too. Then you
can put your experience in with company name, dates, what you did. You can also add a volunteer section to this area if you did some volunteer work.

All that you have done in school or jobs are important and should be listed on resume unless it is not appropriate to do so. You are trying to sell yourself so anything you have done is important for the company to know and may even make you a more important candidate for the position. Make sure that you have someone who is a profession look at your resume before you mail it out or send it in.

Good luck with you job future!!