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PR Account Executive and Internship Supervisor
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Emily Apr 20, 2018 1005 views

What is the most valuable skill PR firms look for in an intern?

I'm looking for internships right now, in your experience what is the most valuable skill an intern should have at your public relations firm?

#PR #publicrelations #internships

Kathryn’s Avatar
Kathryn Mar 19, 2018 953 views

What are some tips for a Public Relations major looking to work with social media?

I'm a Public Relations major with a minor in Sociology. It's almost time to graduate and look for a job. I'm passionate about social media and content creation, so I'd really like to look for something that offers those. Any suggestions/recommendations/tips for what I should take a look at?...

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Mar 05, 2018 655 views

How early should I start applying for internships?

I hear everyone starts to apply for summer internships in February and March, but I feel like I'm not qualified enough yet to apply for most internships, but would I be too late to get one if I wait until April or May to apply? #internships

Preia’s Avatar
Preia Jan 18, 2018 601 views

How to get an internship without work experience

I want to do an internship over the summer #danceinternship #internships

Anudari’s Avatar
Anudari May 12, 2016 1070 views

What are your favorite blogs, websites and you tube accounts for career related advises?

Do you have a person or a website that you follow in order to better understand the major you're pursuing or the job you want? It can be anything from a film maker to a philosopher. Why did you choose them, and how do they offer good advise? I would like to know, what makes them a good adviser...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Oct 25, 2017 1260 views

What are the main differences between working in house or at a PR agency?

As a second year Public Relations major I have heard some differences between working for a PR agency and working in-house for a company, but I would like to hear more about what daily life in one or the other is life for someone working in the field. Is there one that is preferred for...

Deborah’s Avatar
Deborah Feb 11, 2017 930 views

How and why should one do research before going into an interview?

I am looking for a job. #job #research #interviews

Salma’s Avatar
Salma May 05, 2016 1177 views

What advise would you give to someone who cannot decide what she wants to do when she grows up?

I am very undecided about my future and want I want to do. I am a senior in high school. #advice #undecided

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Apr 05, 2017 4142 views

How can I politely decline an internship without burning bridges?

I'm a college student looking for a summer internship, and I believe I will get accepted to two of the internships I applied to - but I cannot feasibly do both. How can I politely decline one internship while not burning any bridges and maintaining the connections I made there? #internships...

Irene’s Avatar
Irene Oct 06, 2016 1154 views

Where can I find internships to make my resume look amazing?

I am trying to find internships in order to gain some experience. #internships #college-jobs #summer-jobs #job-application

Imani’s Avatar
Imani Dec 06, 2016 1008 views

What is the most aproppriate way to dress during an interview?

I learned in class about how to dress to impress and it's really interesting to see how people think some stuff is okay when it's really not. #jobs #high-school-classes #job-application

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Oct 24, 2016 1674 views

What schools have good communication programs?

I have a school in mind but im still unsure #communications

Britney’s Avatar
Britney Apr 22, 2017 2769 views

How should I approach companies for internships?

I am in a High School program that requires an internship by the end of senior year. I was wondering how I would approach companies to possibly land an internship in companies( I am leaning towards engineering companies). I would graciously appreciate it if anyone could explain what should I...

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Oct 24, 2016 1021 views

What jobs are in the communications field?

Im looking to obtain a degree in this department. #communications #marketing-and-advertising

Ursula’s Avatar
Ursula Apr 06, 2017 1240 views

What is the best way to follow up someone after an event?

I recently went to a networking event and I met a lot of people and I wanted to keep in contact with them. Should I e-mail all of them or just the ones that I had longer conversations with? And how should I approach them with the follow-up e-mail? #film #networking #film-production #editing...