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Emily May 11, 2018 825 views

What kind of writing samples should I give when asked?

Most jobs in public relations ask for writing samples before the interview process. What kind of writing should I submit? Are there things the recruiters prefer to see?

#public-relations #writing #writing-samples

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Emily May 11, 2018 943 views

How should I improve my writing outside of school?

In public relations it is important that students write well. I want to write more and get more accustomed to writing, is there a way you recommend I do that? What kind of writing should I be practicing? Creative or specifically press releases?

#public-relations #writing

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Emily May 11, 2018 1901 views

How early should you show up at an interview?

How early is too early? And do recruiters judge you if you are right on time? Do they prefer people to be earlier than on the dot?

#interviews #interviewing-skills #resume

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Emily May 11, 2018 763 views

How do you make your resume more enticing if you don''t have a lot of experience in the field?

I'm a public relations student and I have no experience in the field of PR. How can I make my resume more attractive to hiring managers without the experience?

#publicrelations #resume #internships

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Emily Apr 21, 2018 778 views

Is it necessary to get a masters degree to be a public relations professional?

I'd like to get into the field right after finishing my undergraduate but I know a masters would give me an edge. Is it advised to get a masters and then go into the field, get one later, or not get one at all?

#publicrelations #masters #masters-degree

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Emily Apr 20, 2018 1064 views

What is the most valuable skill PR firms look for in an intern?

I'm looking for internships right now, in your experience what is the most valuable skill an intern should have at your public relations firm?

#PR #publicrelations #internships

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Emily Oct 25, 2017 1342 views

What are the main differences between working in house or at a PR agency?

As a second year Public Relations major I have heard some differences between working for a PR agency and working in-house for a company, but I would like to hear more about what daily life in one or the other is life for someone working in the field. Is there one that is preferred for...