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Is it necessary to get a masters degree to be a public relations professional?

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I'd like to get into the field right after finishing my undergraduate but I know a masters would give me an edge. Is it advised to get a masters and then go into the field, get one later, or not get one at all?

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3 answers

Margo’s Answer


A master's degree in public relations is not necessary. I've been in PR for 12+ years, was an art history major in college, no MA in public relations, and it didn't hold me back in my career. What you need are the following traits/skills to be successful in PR: enthusiasm, strong writer, storyteller, social media, be curious (constantly read up on trends happening in PR, the industry sector you want to focus on), creativity.

James’s Answer


I agree with the other answer. It is absolutely not necessary to obtain a masters to have a successful career in P.R.

However, depending on what field you are looking to work in, a higher degree could be beneficial. The more specific knowledge you have in the area you are looking to work in, the better. I do agree with the other answer that social media, enthusiasm and a strong grasp of current events, pop culture are also keys.

James recommends the following next steps:

  • Determine your area of specialty in P.R. and find out what sorts of degrees others who work in those fields (in P.R.) have.

Laura’s Answer


A masters degree is definitely not required to be a public relations professional. I believe getting an internship or job at a PR agency is the best training you can get for future PR jobs as it teaches you all of the basics you would need to know and provides you with access to senior level professionals that can help you as you grow.