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Intel recruitment

What does it take to get a job at Intel?

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1 answer

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Hassan’s Answer

If you mean Intel the chipmaker then that maybe a challenge since they do not have offices in Ghana and I'm not sure they would have remote workers in countries where they do not have a presence.

To me they key would be to acquire skills that Intel really needs. You can search for jobs in different countries to see what skills are most in demand. Getting those skills would often start with a degree from a recognized University in a field like Computer Science, Silicon Manufacturing, Business, etc. The job posting would tell you what the degree requirements would be.

You would also want to review what the immigration requirements are for the countries in which Intel has an office that you're considering. Some countries will be easier to move to than others. You may want to explore if getting a degree in that country is an option and if that would increase your chances of getting hired.