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Cassie Jul 25 91 views

What classes should i be looking at to become a Lawyer or Homicide detective

Hello, my name is Cassie I'm in grade 9 I want to be a criminal lawyer or homicide detective, but I'm not sure what classes i should be taking.

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daesean May 16 285 views

how could i identify potential new markets and creating new plans to enter a market good enough for me?

how can i have good time management and organization skills in order to plan and execute both large and small marketing projects and initiatives

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Adwoa Mar 11 190 views

Intel recruitment

What does it take to get a job at Intel?

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Anna Jul 01, 2021 309 views

Internship in FBI

Is it possible to get an internship in FBI while I am undergraduate. If so what are the criteria for getting an internship and how long it will take. And also can I get a job in FBI after I graduate . #intern #internship #fbiagent#criminaljustice

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Jul 01 164 views

Internships for High Schoolers in Boston area?

What are some good business related internships or work opportunities for high schoolers in the Boston area?