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How can I start a career as an AWS Solutions Architect?

I'm a fresher, planning to start a career in cloud computing. I have completed my graduation in computer science , where i took a course in architecture of cloud computing. What are the career opportunities are freshers in cloud computing,.
What are the career opportunities if i have a amazon aws solution architect certificate. cloud-computing cloud-architecture

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7 answers

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niyaz’s Answer

AWS Cloud have provides the basic Cloud practitioner certification after that have a step by step certification process.
First level: AWS Associate Solution Architect,
Second level: AWS Professional Solution Architect.
As a fresher can able to get a career opportunity really wide in IT sector. Cloud computing has implemented in all the industries like health care, transport and IT.
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Ramu’s Answer

The question is: What are the career opportunities if i have a amazon aws solution architect certificate

First, best of luck for your "AWS Solution Architect Associate/Professional Certification".

With near past & current work culture with cross functional teams, I see that the certification with hands-on on AWS Services attracts good opportunities such as:

- A developer role: This requires an expert level coding practice in programming languages like Java/NodeJS/Python/GOLang. More the hands on experience with AWS Services & APIs shall be a clear advantage in your work location.

- An Architect role: In few years from your programming experience in AWS services shall fetch this role. I would not recommend to jump to this role immediately after your certification as this would shape you as 'Ivory Architect', you will certainly get less support for your Solution proposals from developer community. However, after your developer experience, this role is a boon & did I mention, you still get chances to-do awesome PoC (Proof of Concepts) that shall benefit your product/project.

Again, Best of Luck.

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Carol’s Answer

Right now AWS is an in-demand skill, although like all tech positions they prefer someone with experience. If you're ready to hit the job market then taking an AWS cert could help, if you plan on further study in academics then don't waste your money. Tech is a highly fluid field, if you are more than a couple of months from seeking employment it could have all changed by the time you are ready to work. Look at job descriptions on the job sites, AWS is usually part of a package of requirements, having AWS alone won't make you marketable but having 3 or 4 of the skills that include AWS will. Try to get experience, if you are still at college then seek out internships, if not see if you can find a company that will let you shadow a staff member at least for a day or two.

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Dinesh’s Answer


Best way to start by making a list of your goals and mapping those to the AWS Certifications that validated those skills, and the learning paths to achieve them. Also took into account your own areas of experience, particularly in networking.

AWS having very well documentation for each technology, I strongly suggest you go through the AWS learning path that is designed for solutions architects, solution design engineers, and anyone who wants to learn how to design applications and systems on AWS. Build technical skills as you progress along the path toward AWS Certification.

Please let me know if you need more help to get into AWS technology.


Dinesh recommends the following next steps:
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Swapna’s Answer

As carol mentioned AWS is on demand today. But to be considered as a solution architect , companies look for experience. I would say experience with any cloud computing technology such as salesforce, can help.
If you are interested to persue your career in AWS or any other cloud technologies, many companies do hire freshers as developers ,the pool of resources available in these technology are less, so getting a job have more probability. Hope this helps.

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Gouthamraj’s Answer

Good, decision to learn AWS is a good choice. If you're a noob on AWS, attending an AWSome day online conference would give you a good idea about AWS. It's free!

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Edward’s Answer

There are 2 main routes I can think of, becoming a Devops programmer - building app's & writing code on the AWS platform or as an IT support engineer then progressing to a professional Services consultant ....