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What are some college classes that you need to take to become a veterinarian?

I want to know specifically if you need to take like any science classes, if so which ones.

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2 answers

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Nedra’s Answer


So yes you will need to take science classes but there are some that you may not need depending on the school you want to go to.

Someone mentioned for 1 school you need physics but no lab. But the schools I am applying to require physics with lab, so it really depends. General list is this:

1 year Bio with lab
1 year Chemistry with lab
1 semester or 1 year of Organic Chemistry (depends on the school)
1 semester Biochem (with or without lab)
Microbiology (depends on the school)
1 year Physics with lab
Advanced science courses such as Cell Biology
Animal Nutrition (depends on school)
Anatomy or Physiology (depends on school)
Statistics or calculus
Social science

You also don't need to be a science major but you do need the science courses. Good luck
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Brian’s Answer

Hi Liliana,

Great to hear you would like to pursue a career in Veterinary Science!

Regarding your question (via a friend's brother who went to UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine):

1). Pre-requisites are very similar to medical school. You need to take 1 year of Chemistry (with Lab), 1 year of Organic Chemistry (with Lab), 1 year of physics (no Lab, but he recommends), 1 semester of stats. And those are just intro courses
2). Advanced courses are 1 semester of Biochem (with Lab), 1 semester of Genetics, 1 semester of Physiology.

The best way to figure out the requirements are, of course, to go through the target DVM schools sites and see what is required and then to talk to a guidance counselor at your university to make sure said courses on the schedule fulfill these requirements (e.g. does your school's Physio course fulfill the UC Davis physiology requirement).

Hope this helps