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How can a 16 yr. old get a job online?

I can program and make digital art. I just really don't know where to start or how to even apply to a job online

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3 answers

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Isabel’s Answer

Hi Juls! As someone who is making their way through the rough patches of a creative career themselves, I can offer up a few ideas and some next steps.

Firstly, it depends on WHAT kind of creative career you might be interested in. With your skill set of programming and digital art, you might consider looking into the field of UI/UX design. UI/UX design is used in everything from video games to phone apps to websites. Otherwise, you might look into doing concept art or programming for video games, since that also falls under your skill set as well.

My best advice to you at this point in time is start getting your work out there and building your portfolio and resume through freelance and volunteer work. In addition, I would start to see if you can make connections with people and organizations (this is called networking). If you are 16 or older, you can start a LinkedIn profile and start making connections and looking for jobs through there.

Isabel recommends the following next steps:

First, I would suggest having an online account where you just show off your artwork and any sketches or works in progress. Consider this a portfolio of sorts. Keep it free of any personal photographs so that your work has an opportunity to shine.
Second, seek out any opportunities that will allow you to put work on your resume and your portfolio. This could be easily be considered volunteer or freelance work. Check with any local organizations or groups and ask if they need help. Once you become more confident, do research into pricing and writing up contracts so that you will get paid fairly. Keep records of all of this and write it out in your resume.
Third, never stop learning! Try new things that you might be interested in, and new software is always coming out.
Fourth, consider starting a LinkedIn profile and making connections with people
Fifth, it'll be a tough road, but you'll make it!
Thank you comment icon Isabel, thank you! juls J.
Thank you comment icon i just started my linkedin profile :D juls J.
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Franklyn’s Answer

Hi Juls! Here's a start.

Hopefully you have access to a free online website. Build that as nice as you can. Make sure it has your contact info, relevant job positions/info, education + courses of relevant study if applicable, and relevant computer skills. But most importantly, for design people will want to see your work. Pdfs are fine. A few personal tidbits or awards are nice too.

Remember, it's sometimes more important to show what you want to do vs. what you've done. Find the right balance.

On your LinkedIn profile, use their tools to upload your resume, work, etc. Subscribe to as many forums that interest you and be active. Start commenting on posts or ask questions. Authors love it. Believe me, it helps their algorithm!

You'll soon see listings or job opportunities on your feed. Recruiters will also see you there too. Seek them out (placement agencies) as well. They can give you a great headstart Indeed is a common job platform. You also might find more luck doing a little research into local organizations (i.e., Digital Art Associations {Cityname}).

Circling back, you may want to make two profiles, two websites. Hiring directors probably don't want a 1/2 Programmer, 1/2 Digital artist. But they'd love a Programmer who has an interest in digital art. Or a Digital artist with an interest in programming. Could make a difference.

Other important things.
1) Attention to detail. No spelling errors, please.
2) If you're making a website have a friend test it. Guaranteed they'll see things you overlook
3) Ask for feedback and actively listen. Take the opportunity to incorporate their feedback. It gives you a reason to contact them in the future. Plus, you'll be showing how you can work under supervision
4) Refresh your work/site. Give yourself a goal of creating 2-3 new content pieces a month?
5) If you're not getting enough activity contacting places directly, post your website in a relevant forum on LinkedIn with a note you're starting out and ask for feedback there. You're sure to get a few responses doing that.
6) You're never done updating your resume, website, or skills--even after years of working.

Much of this stuff you should be doing without applying for an actual job. What you're doing is showing your availability. I forget the stat, but most jobs are filled before they're posted. It's up to you to be there when that happens.

Don't be afraid to be weird. Just be your best self. Good luck!
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Ver’s Answer

You start with the smallest opportunity, you can build momentum from there. At times you just need to try out many things in a set period of time, then sense from there which one you'd like to spend more time on, and so forth, and so on. Until you realize which one can hold your attention for too long it would make sense to deep dive and focus on it as a career.