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What subjects should I take in high school if I want to do a bachelor of commerce degree in university

Im having trouble choosing my future career path, I'm looking to head into either a bachelor of commerce or a bachelor of science degree however I figured that I need more time to think it through. As we speak I do not do any commerce subjects at school and I figured it would help me decide what degree I should take in university. science commerce subjects vce

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3 answers

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Abby’s Answer

Each high school offers different classes, but if your high school offers any of the following classes, I recommend looking into taking them if you have room in your schedule.




-Math (calculus is a requirement for many commerce classes)

-Human resources

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Freya’s Answer

Whichever path you choose, statistics will be very useful for you. You should also take a few classes in a variety of topics and see which ones are most interesting.

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Desmond’s Answer

I think business will never be a bad choice. In any situation encounter, you will join a business. Whether it is science related, the research facility you join, pharmaceutical company, etc. at the end of the day, it will still be business related. I chose business for that reason - wherever you go, management etc. it will be business related.