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I have just finished 10th and feel like I should take science as my course. Could someone give some advice as to what courses I could take other than medicine and engineering??

My family feels that commerce has no future....
I am confused..
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6 answers

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Srinivas’s Answer

I would recommend you to go through the following compendium prepared by CBSE, India:


This document gives you some idea about the fields/opportunities available (in India) after you 10+2 and the eligibility criteria (the courses you should do in 10+2). Give some thought about what are the possible fields (listed in the document) you want to explore in your under-graduate study.

Depending on your analysis, you can make a decision about the courses you want to pick in your 10+2

Hope this helps!

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Ruchi’s Answer

Taking up science after 10th doesn't mean you have to opt for either medicine or engineering . There are a lot of options and there is no harm in going for commerce related fields after studying science in 11th and 12th.

Some of the options include -> Architecture, Fashion technology, Finance, CA, CS, Teacher, Writer, Civil Services and more.

You can also specialize in Physics or Chemistry or Biology. You don't have to be an engineer to go into research and teaching Shaila Patil

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kinjalk’s Answer

A very good question.

We all must respect our parents and their decisions. But remember if u get into something you do not like then it wont last for long. Even if it lasts long you would just be an average performer. Know your abilities, strengths and choose your career wisely.

As far as the Commerece field is considered it is one of the most pursued career streams in India.

There are so many options :-


Details you can check out at Career in Commerce

For all the other career streams you can refer :- Career Options

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Rupam’s Answer

Why not pursue General Science in one of the subjects of interest to you? There are plenty of career opportunities in pure science including research in an area you want to dig deeper and understand more. Specially in India, compensations have also improved in the last few years and it is at par with what you would earn pursuing a career in any of the engineering domains. Wish you good luck!

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Arun Singh’s Answer

Whether you take science or commerce, there are multiple career opportunities in the market other than medicine and engineering. Some of them I can think of are administrative services, defence services, legal, banking/accounting sector, marketing, mass communications, fashion designing etc. You need to first focus on what is your passion, what you are good at & then take up the right decision to achieve it.

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Binu’s Answer

Hi Giridhar,

In today's world, there are plenty of career opportunities available outside of 

medicine and engineering.

Commerce is one option with which you can very well pursue job opportunities

in sectors like banking and finance.

Binu recommends the following next steps:

Hi Giridhar, You need to analyze what your strengths are and then take up a call.