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Srinivas Dabbeeru

Network Consulting Engineer
Information And Communication Technology
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Younes Mar 30, 2020 2657 views

How to be come a UI/UX designer coming an engineering background ?

I'm a computer science engineering student .who is turning to UI/UX design as self-thought . #design #graphic-design #engineering #computer

Tyra’s Avatar
Tyra Apr 04, 2020 509 views

How cak highschool students gain hands on knowledge in the STEM field?

I am currently a junior and I plan on becoming an engineer. I am very interested in becoming a biomedical engineer but, I also want to learn about other fields. I'm sesrching for ways to do so my senior year so I have some background knowledge before college. #engineer #biomedical-engineering

Giridhar’s Avatar
Giridhar May 17, 2018 668 views

I have just finished 10th and feel like I should take science as my course. Could someone give some advice as to what courses I could take other than medicine and engineering??

My family feels that commerce has no future....
I am confused..
#Course-Dilemma #future #science #commerce

Milton’s Avatar
Milton Nov 27, 2019 1581 views

what is the hardest parts of being a computer network architect

#architect #computer #computer-software #software-development

Simone’s Avatar
Simone Apr 05, 2020 561 views

I do not know what my career should be

Hello, I am in college and am unsure of what my career should be. I hate math and science, so I know that the STEM field is not for me. I do like helping others and am considering education. The only issue I have with being a teacher is that the pay is low, and I am constantly told that that...

laverdis’s Avatar
laverdis Jan 27, 2020 471 views

what job is best for me?

i am a harder worker who focus on the task at hand. I like to help people with there problems I'm always keeping a smile on somebody's face and I am good with people. #communication #social-work