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what job is best for me?

i am a harder worker who focus on the task at hand. I like to help people with there problems I'm always keeping a smile on somebody's face and I am good with people. #communication #social-work

it depends on what you like to do :) Marie E.

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4 answers

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Srinivas’s Answer

As humans, all of us have the choice to envision our lives and work towards living those lives. Even though we have that freedom, we are still burdened with the question: "What I need to do in my life?" Even today, I still ask myself this question everyday. The answer kept changing throughout my life and the same happened to many people around me.

Having said that, from the description you provided about yourself, I see yourself to be motivated towards doing some work which can create impact in the lives of other people. There are many ways you can do this; like working for an NGO, as a government servant, as a teacher, as an entrepreneur creating employment to people and many other ways. The list is endless. It is even overwhelming to think about so many options. In that case, how do you reach some decision (in your case, the work you want to do)? You can do the following:

1) Allocate some time everyday and think about the following questions:
What are your core values? What does life mean to you?
What is your philosophy of life?
How does the society function? What is the current state of society?
What is the work that needs to be done today for the well-being of larger human society?
What work seems more meaningful to you?

2) In addition to pondering about these questions, please meet people and discuss with them about your thoughts. Try to get some perspective. If possible, meet people from different fields and try to understand how their work is having an impact on the society

3) Keep developing your skills - technical, inter-personal etc. You are going through a phase of self discovery. It is very easy to be lost with a lot of questions but it is important to develop your skills. Keep learning whatever interests you. Just believe that nothing goes waste and these skills will come to use someday

Once you do this exercise everyday, you will eventually end with some ideas that you would like to work on. Depending on the financial support and the time you have, you can work on these ideas one after the other and see what works for you. Please remember, how much ever strong your motive is, the social situations you are in also determine how much you can achieve in that path. Please love yourself at every moment of your life and take good care of your health.

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Simeon’s Answer

You've probably got a good idea with social work. It's a very diverse field, so you're likely to find a niche that calls to you. Try and do some volunteering with the different group types that have caught your eye so far and see which ones work the best for you.

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Kelsey’s Answer

3 years out of college and I still struggle with this question. I find it helps to ask yourself "What do I NOT want to do?". That can help narrow it down.

It's also important to think about what you value outside of the day to day tasks. Do you want to have the option to work from home some days? Well then, nursing probably isn't the career for you. Do you need human interaction or do you prefer to work alone. Is an office with snacks and coffees important to you? All things to consider.

If you think you have some idea of what you want to do I suggest looking at job descriptions/postings for those types of jobs to learn what your day to day would look like. From there you can reach out to people on LinkedIn who are currently working in that role. You can fill them in on your situation and see if they have any advice for someone who is looking to get into that field. I think you'll find people are more than willing to help if you take the first step in asking.

But if you like helping people you could check to see if any local non-profits have any openings or maybe a front desk person at a hospital?

Hope that helps!

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Rod’s Answer

There are tests you can take that will help show your strengths, interests and related careers. You should go to your schools counseling office and ask to take the asvab test or something similar. You can also check a local library or online for similar tests. That is just one way to get more information that can help narrow down career fields that might be suited for you.