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How can I be a proper physical education teacher?

I love physical education and I love gym. I would love to teach that.

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1 answer

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Stephanie’s Answer

Hi CamRon,

How exciting that you want to be a physical education (PE) teacher. All of the PE teachers I worked with loved a certain sport in school and often coached sports at the school they worked at. Is there a sport you really like? You might want to try and volunteer at a summer camp over the summer and play sports with the children. You might find a basketball camp in your area who could use an enthusiastic volunteer - like you!

In the end, you have to get a degree to teach. You are in New York - check out these websites for more information: - you can see teaching jobs, check out the requirements and pay - this is the website for New York Public Schools - Check this out to learn more about how to get a job teaching

What do you teach in PE? Check out this site for more information:

Good luck and keep striving,