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What is the career ladder for the psychiatrist position?

In order to start my career ladder for psychiatrist what do I have to start out first like Vocational Training or Medical school or Foundation Training?

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1 answer

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Cayla’s Answer

Great Question, Kaelan! To become a psychiatrist, go into it ready to live a life of continued education for the better part of 12 years, after high school. It’s a fulfilling job, that takes lots of hard work and dedication.

The first step on the ladder is completing a Bachelors program from an accredited college or university. Because Psychiatrists are Medical Doctors, psychology, pre-med, or physical sciences are good choices to focus on during your time as an undergraduate. This will be good course preparation for Medical school.
Programs and intern opportunities focusing on pharmacology, human anatomy etc. Would be highly advised for in this field of study.
Typically next, we would begin studying for our MCAT Test, by this time. The Medical Colleges Admissions test is one in which we can not get around. Because we will, in fact be Doctors, so we must take a test to be granted admissions into Med School.

Through Medical School, so much information will be obtained and retained. This is about another 4 years into your full (so far 8 years) journey on becoming a Professional Psychiatrist.

We’ve now completed Medical school, YAY US! 🎊 now on to our (typically 4 years) 4 year residency!
During your residency, you will find a
specialty of your choice to specialize in.

Upon completing residency, it’s time to get any necessary licenses and certifications in order to practice unsupervised or maybe even start your own private practice! (This is super common among Psychologists, especially Clinical, Psychiatric, LCPC, etc). Licenses and Certifications are key and necessary in order to practice on your own terms and applying your own knowledge from the past 12+ years. The ABPN or The American Board of Psychology and Neurology is a certification that Psychiatrists must complete, and depending on area of specialty, this certification usually is renewed about every 10 years.

I know this answer is extremely broad, but message me if you’d like me to go into details further.
I Hope this helped you, and blessings on your current and future endeavors.