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Cayla Redd

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner
Baltimore, Maryland
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Kadiatou Jun 14, 2022 398 views

Playing in a commercial require acting backgrounds?

When i'm watching youtube ads, I do realize that some time it asks to learn some lines to do the ad. So i'm kind of confused. Are actors doing ads most of the time?

Kaelan’s Avatar
Kaelan May 31, 2022 312 views

What is the career ladder for the psychiatrist position?

In order to start my career ladder for psychiatrist what do I have to start out first like Vocational Training or Medical school or Foundation Training?

Corvon’s Avatar
Corvon May 31, 2022 302 views

What are the average pay of a security guard

Im interesting on the amount they pay .

oriana’s Avatar
oriana May 31, 2022 393 views

What or who keeps you motivated?

What keeps you fulfilled during your work hours ?

Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen Apr 12, 2017 1639 views

If I were to add CareerVillage to my resume under volunteer work, what would I say?

Is it acceptable to add CareerVillage to my resume? If so, how exactly would I describe the job? #resume #resume-writing #job-application

Precious’s Avatar
Precious May 31, 2022 373 views

What makes a resume impressive in your field (Nursing)?

To have a professional experiences, skills , knowledge or accomplishments.