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how do i become a esthetician ?

i want to own my own business and want to know if i need to go to a school and get a degree and if so what are some options? what would be a good name for my business #skincare #career-details

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3 answers

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Adam’s Answer

Hi Bob,

Becoming an esthetician is challenging. You will have to be very studious, and disciplined with your work ethic. I recommend taking advanced placement science courses, biology, chemistry, etc.

It would also be a good idea to tell your guidance counselor or student advisor your goal. Work with them to write a plan of action, and check in with your counselor(s), family and friend frequently on your progress.

I also suggest getting as much hands on training as possible. Although courses are available online you’ll find the best programs offer certifications, are accredited and will provide the most utility in the long run.

Good luck!

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Capri J’s Answer

You can attend your local beauty school so that you can begin your learning process. Before you start a business, you want to take as many classes as you can. These are national seminars and classes that you can attend to perfect your craft. You can also start practing now. Once you have learned as much as you can and saved enough money, then you can start your own business. You can also think about starting a small one where you work from home or travel to your clients.

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Bob!

You asked about a very interesting area.

Here are sites that will give you some helpful information.

Regarding starting your own business, I would recommend that you become qualified and work for someone for a while. Starting a business is very tricky, and it is a good idea to work for someone who has become successful and has made all of the mistakes along the way. You do not need to tell the person that you are considering having your own business. By being best possible employee, you may have the possibility of gaining the business if that person were to decide to sell it or retire. I have seen this many times.

Best of luck. Keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress.