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What are the steps to become a successful music producer?

Thank you for the advice! I am in highschool

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2 answers

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Mayur’s Answer

You can be a great producer if you first will to and believe in yourself. Artists always are killed with self-doubt. You are constantly under the pressure to succeed. But you will have to believe, feel and create. Be creative, do not limit yourself to what others say or do.. break the barriers.

Mayur recommends the following next steps:

Improve creativity
Get a music production degree from a prominent music schools
specialize in a specific tool
Get a certification on a production tool
Build Contacts and network
Thank you comment icon I appreciate your support, Mayur Alexis
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Bethany’s Answer

Hi Alexis! I was interested in music production when I was in high school, and here's what I would suggest. I'm not sure if you're only interested in producing (which is more like a project manager or creative "boss") or if you are also interested in recording, but either way these ideas will get you exposure and help you make connections who can give you more advice:

1. Job shadow at a local recording studio. This will allow you to talk to recording engineers/producers about their career path and make some connections in the industry. You might even ask them if you could intern for them while you're still in high school (paid or unpaid depending on your situation).

2. Check out recording arts/music production programs at local colleges. Many colleges will let you visit for a day so you can talk to students and maybe even sit in on a class. It doesn't have to be a school you're interested in attending...any school will work to get you started. While you're there, see if they have a college radio station...some college radio stations record and broadcast live events, and maybe they would let you shadow or help out in some way to get experience. If you can't find a college radio station, a community radio station, NPR station, or even a commercial station might let you get involved.

3. Do some recording/audio production at home to get a feel for it. You don't even have to spend any money to get started...there are free audio clips on the internet as well as free software such as Audacity that you can use. You could see if your local library or college offers rentals of basic recording equipment like microphones. Maybe you have a musician friend you could record?

Best wishes to you!

Bethany recommends the following next steps:

Job shadow at a local recording studio
Visit a local college recording arts/music production program
Visit a local college/community radio station and ask about volunteering, particularly with recording/broadcasting live events
Experiment with free recording software such as Audacity at home