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what is the most average amount of money therapist make?

what is the most average amount of money therapist make?

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1 answer

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Veronica’s Answer

I hope this information helps you to define and decide on the particular specialty of therapy that you would like to get into.

Whether a particular therapist is a couples therapist, family counselor, or a psychotherapist specializing in a unique niche, they’ve likely entered their career with one goal in mind: to help people improve their lives.

There is no typical therapist salary, as they depend on education, training, and particular clinical specialties, but in general therapists salaries fall within the range of \$40,000 and \$90,000 . Although there are therapists who make both less and more.

Below, I’ve listed salaries for various specializations along with four crucial tips to help any therapist increase their salary.

Salaries for Various Therapy Jobs
Behavioral Disorder Counselor: $47,660 per year // 22.91 per hour

Clinical Psychologist: $79,820 // 38.37 per hour

Genetic Counselors: $85,700 per year // $41.20 per hour

Industrial-Organizational Psychologists: $96,270 // $46.28 per hour

Marriage & Family Therapists: $51,340 per year // $24.69 per hour

Mental Health Counselors: $47,660 per year // 22.91 per hour

Psychologists: $82,180 per year // $39.51 per hour

Recreational Therapist: $47,710 per year // 22.94 per hour

Rehabilitation Counselors: $37,530 per year // $18.05 per hour

School and Career Counselors: $58,120 per year // $27.94 per hour

Social Worker: $51,760 // $24.88 per hour

Substance Abuse Counselor: $47,660 per year // 22.91 per hour

*All salaries below are taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics; they display median pay and reflect the year 2020 unless otherwise stated.

But How Much do Private Practice Therapists Make?
Salaries for Private Practice therapists vary wildly. Some articles report an average salary of $150,000 per year, while others claim that a licensed professional counselor working in Cambridge, MA, grosses $39,778 annually. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Based on user-submitted data reports that Licensed Professional Counselors earn, on average, $61,232 annually.

But averages only say so much.

Go to the BLS page for mental health counselors we can see that salaries differ quite depending on state, sector, and years of experience.