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Prosecution Lawyer/ Lawyers questions

Prosecution lawyers/ lawyers I have a couple of questions for that career.
What made you choose this career?
How did you prepare for your career?
What classes would be recommended to take?
What skills prepared you for this job?
What were the steps that you took in order to get to that job?
What made you stand out above other applicants?
When should an individual start planning for their career?
Why do you like what you do?
What are key things to put on your resume?
What are your personal pros and cons?
What education and/or training helped prepare you for this job?
Did you have any trouble getting into this career field?
What are some essential classes that helped you prepare for your career?
Did you do any jobs during college and university related to your career?
It would also be appreciated if you can leave your name, your job title, and what company you work for. Thank you.

Thank you comment icon Hi Graciela, you have some great questions! I would suggest posting each question separately so that each one gets a response. I fear that professionals will get overwhelmed and only two or three to them Gurpreet Lally, Admin

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1 answer

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Justin’s Answer

Being trained as a lawyer is a great way to learn how to approach problems very carefully and analytically. I decided to become a lawyer because I felt I would be good at giving careful thought o complex problems, and I found that my training in law school really helped with that.

I also became a lawyer because I felt it was a great way to work with people who are in a position to make important decisions that affect lots of people, and give them advice they really need.

Hope this helps!
Thank you comment icon I appreciate your support, Justin Graciela