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How was the feeling of doing on hands work in college?

I am a senior at KIPP Renaissance High School in New Orleans, LA im trying to find more information on how to become a Physical Therapist. I would appreciate any information you guys can give me. #PT #physical-therapy #physical-therapist

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1 answer

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Deborah R.’s Answer

These are two links to different parts of the website for the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). You can get a lot of information there about how to become a physical therapist (PT). You will usually have to do many hours of volunteer work in a PT site, or be volunteering when you apply to a school. Those hours will be an opportunity to find out a little about what PTs do, depending on where you do your volunteer work. Also, while you are there you could talk to the PTs at that site, but don't set that up until you have more information because those hours will have to be acceptable.

I encourage you to call the APTA if you have any questions. Also, on that website you could find the closest college or university with a PT program and make an appointment to talk to someone in that department about how to prepare to apply to a PT program. It doesn't matter if you plan to go to that school or not, you can still contact them for information.

Good luck.