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what type of tools do Electricians need?

hello my name is jairo am a student at job corps and I want to become an
Electricians and I wanted to know what tools you use

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1 answer

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Hagen’s Answer

Although it's not exactly necessary 'real' electricians use Klien tools ;-):
(Search Amazon)
Klein Tools 92906 Tool Set
Klein Tools 1006 Cutting / Crimping Tool
Klein Tools 5165 Pocket Tool Pouch with Knife Snap
I didn't see the belt I like - should have hammer loop and electrical tape T
Edward Tools Oak Claw Hammer 16 oz - you don't want rubber handle it will catch on your belt
Knopp K-60 Cat Number. 14460 Voltage Tester (my favorite - shape fits pouches better
Custom Leathercraft Tool Holsters Waist tool aprons, White, Small US (Also has a hammer loop which is what I prefer - this is for wire nuts, screws, staples etc.
Klein Tools 44131 Utility Knife (this is primarily for cutting romex (it's best to have a dull blade - doesn't need to be too sharp)
IDEAL Electrical 45-120 T-5 T-(Wire Str*pper - career village doesn't like the word str*pper ;-)
Klein Tools 19352 Thin Wall Conduit Reamer with Klein Tools 600-6 5/16-Inch Keystone Screwdriver 6-Inch Square Shank

I didn't do the math but that's going to be a few hundred dollars. You don't absolutely need exactly these tools but these are pretty much industry standards.

You'll also need a cordless drill - I like the Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 3/8 Drill Driver Kit - you want it to be light - so 12V is better - you're screwing in outlets switches and plates so more power doesn't help and it heavy

It can be nice to have a Style n Craft Cordless Drill Holster, Full-Grain Leather Drill Holder but sometimes I just jam my drill into my main pouch - and yes it does fall out.