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Technical Sales DELL Alliances
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Fort Collins, CO
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Nelson Apr 11 552 views

how to reason well?

best reasonings

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Taofeeq Mar 31 597 views

How do I become a successful businessman ?

How do I become a successful businessman

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Dec 22, 2023 1251 views

How do I make myself stand out when looking for a business management job?

I think I may go to college whenever I get a baseball scholarship to! The college must have some sort of business degree!

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Dec 01, 2023 277 views

How long have you been in the IT pathway and what are some pros and cons of the profession?

What did you enjoy about the field in your years of experience and what did you dislike? And why did you dislike the topic

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Jayden Jul 09, 2023 336 views

how would someone at my age become involved into house design and remodeling if they do not have many real chances to help remodel/design a layout of a house?

I live out in a small, rural community in Ohio, and other than helping my parents out redesigning a room, I do not have many chances to do other things surrounding that field.

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Janessa Jul 09, 2023 296 views

What tasks would you suggest doing to build up your skills for a trade before starting ?

I just graduated

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Hanipa Jul 07, 2023 564 views

Which ai or quantum computing good for developing country?

How can quantum computing help a developing country like Ethiopia. Is it better to focus on ai or quantum computing for developing country. If you choose one what can be done by it? Help the country

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Imaya Jun 28, 2023 458 views

What's the best HBCU for going into business management?

What's the best major to start with this for? What can I expect to have to do to become successful?

Myles’s Avatar
Myles May 14, 2023 284 views

What should I do as someone going into college to help myself be more competitive for future oportunities?

My major is computer science and I know that it is a competitive field. I want to know what I can do to be ahead of my competition.

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Leo May 08, 2023 550 views

Can using chatgpt be beneficial?

How should I use chatgpt for school?

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Aiden May 12, 2023 270 views

Question about CS

How can I work towards my career goal?

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Tyriq May 09, 2023 217 views

How do you maintain having a business?

Tyriq, age 19

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Jairo Mar 06, 2023 381 views

what type of tools do Electricians need?

hello my name is jairo am a student at job corps and I want to become an
Electricians and I wanted to know what tools you use

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Tiana Feb 01, 2023 480 views

What do I need to study to become a successful entrepreneur?

I Want to become a successful small business owner, but I don't understand what I need to study or what classes I need to take in order to make this possible.

Yahir’s Avatar
Yahir Jan 30, 2023 385 views

Best way to get into business management ?

I have work in the construction world for almost 4 years. I was wondering now how i could get in to the business management and still do the thing i love the most?