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is there any key to better understanding chemistry?

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I just struggle with the topic
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Alice’s Answer

Do you know which areas in Chemistry are you struggling to grasp? One approach would be to leverage the Feynman Technique. With this technique, you learn by teaching someone else a topic in simple terms so you can quickly pinpoint the holes in your knowledge. After four steps, you're able to understand concepts more deeply and better retain the information. Step 1. Pick a topic you want to understand and start studying it (obviously Chemistry) Step 2. Pretend to teach your topic to a classroom (picking a friend of family member works great) Step 3. Go back to the books when you get stuck (this pinpoints exactly where you have issues versus wasting time redoing/reviewing everything) Step 4. Simplify and use analogies (see if you can explain a concept in terms a middle school kid would understand) This is a great article to help you understand more about the technique if you're intested. https://curiosity.com/topics/learn-anything-in-four-steps-with-the-feynman-technique-curiosity/ ALSO - when you know the areas you need to focus, say the periodic table, polyatomic ions, naming acids, etc. I find that leverageing the app Tinycards (and searching for chemistry as the topic) can help. It will quiz you daily to help solidify the new information in your brain. Good luck!