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As a school psychologist, how likely is it that I would not only test the students, but work with them following a diagnosis?

I want to be a school psychologist, because it involves my three biggest passions: children, learning, and psychology. I ask this question because I have heard that in some instances, school psychologists that work in school systems are only able to administer tests, but are not able to provide the student with the help they need on a one-on-one interaction. #school-psychology #psychology #child-psychology #psychology-education #learning-and-development

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2 answers

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Karla’s Answer

Unfortunately that tends to be true that many school or youth Psychologist aren't able to do the extra one on one work with students and they desire once assessments are done. I believe Educators & support professionals/staff will have to do more outside of schools to make a difference. Sometimes our hands are tied due to school rules (to keep your job), government red tape & limited funds.

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Sean’s Answer

Very likely. I worked as a special education teacher and had the chance to work with quite a few LSSP's.

The problem they had was that there case loads were so large, sometimes spanning several schools and with so little time they could only work with the most challenging of the students. That is if the special education paperwork said they could.

So yes you will be able to work with students after testing but only a few and if it warrants it.

Thank you!! Skylar B.