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On average in the U.S., how much of the full college tuition do scholarships pay for?

My family is a on the poor side, and although I am signing up for as many scholarships as I can, I want to know how much it won't cover.
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2 answers

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Ursula’s Answer

Hi Josh,

When you sign the acceptance letter for a scholarship, you need to read it carefully as it will outline what will be paid for and what your obligations are in order to maintain your scholarship. I had a four-year academic scholarship the paid for my classes but it did not cover room, board, or my books. I was able to get a job on campus and during the summer to save up the money for books, etc and my parents helped with the room and board. I was fortunate in that I didn't have a lot of student debt.

Here are some links to information on scholarships you might find helpful:



You may be able to apply for a stipend or grant to cover the portion not covered by the scholarship. You could get a paid internship in your field of study so that you get work experience plus you earn money to pay for items related to school. You need to look for and apply for these internships early because the paid ones go the fastest.

Here's a link to info about internship that you might find helpful:


Good luck to you.

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Faith’s Answer

Scholarships depend on the amount that is given, and usually it only pays that certain amount towards your college tuition. The more scholarships you apply for, will help on paying on your full college tuition. It was also help on not trying to take student loans and being in debt.