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What kind of scholarships should I apply for if I want to major in Pre-Medicine?

#pre-med I'm not sure what scholarships are right for me to apply for. I want to be a Gynecologist and I need to know all the right scholarships to apply for. #medicine #healthcare #scholarships #financial-aid

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2 answers

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Victoria’s Answer

Generally speaking you can apply for any scholarships. If you want more specific funding and scholarships you can do so depending on your major whether it is biology, biochemistry, business, english etc. There are many out there here are some sites that can generate more specific searches according to you:

Also just to note your major does not have to be in the sciences to be pre-med (it might be a little more course work but still possible) you can be a business major, english major etc and get accepted and go to medical school. The most important thing is to make sure you have the pre-requisites needed to apply for medical or any professional school.

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Larry’s Answer

My daughter dated a guy who joined the Army and they paid for his med school and he had a guaranteed job after college. He began his military career as a Captain.