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Whats a good path for me to follow while trying to find what I want to major in?

I'm asking because I want to find a good way for me to know what I want to do.
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3 answers

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Herman’s Answer

Hi Christie,

College is a great time to discover what you want as a career. I suggest speaking with professors from different fields, checking out different clubs, and just network with people from different backgrounds. You can also ask to volunteer or intern in certain fields to see if you will want to pursue it as your career. I did this in college, and I am especially glad I did. I volunteered at a pharmacy, to find out I didn't want to be a pharmacist.

Otherwise, I also suggest asking your parents, parent's friends, or your friend's parents in different fields to learn more about the fields.

CareerVillage could also be a good place to learn more as well. Ask around!

Best regards,

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Bridgette’s Answer

I would take a variety of classes that you may have interests in and see once you have completed the class if you could see yourself majoring in that area. Depending on the school, this may also help you complete some of the classes you need to graduate.

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Jared’s Answer

Hi Christie. Do you think you could edit your question to include a little bit more about some of the things you're interested in, or what you may have tried so far to explore? I think it would help us know how to best help!