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What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter in the field of office administration?

!!!!! i want to be ready for the future

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1 answer

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Vamshee’s Answer

Develop the skills that are needed and highlight them in jobs application/resumes and in interviews.
Showing and developing specific skills the company is seeking will help you get hired and as well get promoted.

Office Administrative Skills

Communicaiton Skills:

This is very important skill to have as one has to interact with employers, staff, customers, clients either on phone, in person or through email.
Be a good listener, Good written communication skills, Greeting the clients, visitors and employers, Business correspondence, Answering the phone calls are some of the skills that are part of Communication skills.

Organization Skills:

Setting an appointment, managing the calendar & docketing, Office management, travel arrangements, Sorting and delivering the mail etc are some organization skills one performs on office administration jobs.

Planning Skills:

Planning and scheduling things are another important skill. Planning the meetings, events, team activities, making appointments, procuring the office items and booking the conference rooms etc.

Technology Skills:

Administration employees have to know how to use/maintain the printers, scanners, faxes, coffee machines, projectors and other conference room, cafeteria or office room Equipements/tools. Familiar using Microsoft office (word document, excel sheet, power point etc.), Typing skills, records keeping, order processing etc.

In addition to the above one who is self-motivated, pleasant, dynamic, easy to work in teams or individually can perform well and liked by others in office administration jobs.

To develop the above skills one can lead the afterschool clubs, take up a receptionist jobs or retail sales jobs, volunteering and working in libraries to get some experience and develop skills.

Hope this helps!!