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How do I get past my fear of doing more harm than good in my future career in medicine?

As a doctor, there will be times where I will mess up a procedure or will not be able to save a patient; this will end with a life being lost. How do I get past my fear of being responsible for the deaths I may take part in and have them define me more than the lives I might save.
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2 answers

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Blake R.’s Answer

Deaths do happen, but the reward is in the ones you save and come back to see you. There is no other feeling like seeing a patient after tx that has overcome.

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Estelle’s Answer

By the time you finish medical school and residency, you will have so much experience that you will have confidence in yourself. Even so, the most important thing to remember as a physician is to ask for help when you need it. Take time and care. Don't rush through procedures. You are right, you cannot save everyone, but you can definitely do your best.
Good luck!