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What should I do if all of my options to pay for school has either failed of is failing?

I've done over $176,000 in scholarships (so far), and I haven't received any good news yet, I've tried the military, and got disqualified for being flat-footed. I have a lot of talent but...I want to invest in my skills before I pursue a life based off of my talent.
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Yes sir, I'm actually in the process of starting at my local community college (Lurleen B. Wallace), and I'm looking to get my "General Studies" out of the way, and then I'll look to transfer to a university, if it all works out in Gods favor. Thanks for your help, Mr.Frank!! Really appreciate it! Nikkolas P.

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3 answers

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Aubree’s Answer

Your diligence in applying for scholarships is extremely commendable! While you're waiting to hear back about the scholarships you've applied to, have you contacted the school(s) you're interested in about grants, institution-based scholarships, loans, or work study options they have? You could also try looking into some sort of payment plan per semester where you and your financial aid advisor settle on a set amount to be paid monthly towards tuition.

Yes ma'am. I have sought out assistance with workstudy, and other ways to help me financially with school. I'm trying my best to work around getting student loans because...I don't want to have something I could've avoided.Lol But as of now I'm trying out another branch in the military, and if that doesn't work (hopefully it does) I guess I'll have to work my butt off some more. Nikkolas P.

I completely understand! If I could have avoided loans, I definitely would have stayed far away from them. I hope the military branch you're trying out for works out. And if you do end up having to take on a little more work, at least you'll have a little extra in your pockets saved up possibly to pay towards your tuition little by little (and to have some spending money saved up for all the super fun college activities you'll enjoy :)) Aubree Brewster

I hope it works out also. Thanks for your help, and may you have a blessed one! Nikkolas P.

My pleasure, Nikkolas. I hope you have a blessed one as well! Aubree Brewster

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Frank’s Answer

Nikkolas, I don't know if you're considering starting college or already "in process". However, if you're considering starting, and finances are an issue, then I'd advise checking into starting at a local community college. Furthermore, check if the community college has the ability to transfer credits to larger, four-year schools, so if you decide to go for a Bachelor's degree, that's possible! A good community college offers a lot of advantages for starting out, such as smaller class sizes, the possibility of living at home, and far less financial burden, too! It's a great way to get your "general ed" requirements met, too.

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Frank’s Answer

Great plan and attitude! Stick with it, and you'll do great :-)