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Is being a pyschologist a good job for the future?

The reason I ask is because this is the field that I want to go into when I get older, and I know people to like to share their feelings, so I want to know if its a good career to go into. #psychology #helping-others

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2 answers

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Linda Ann’s Answer

Yes, it's a good career for the future. The world is populated by people who will continue to have adjustment problems in living, severe stress reactions, changing careers mid-life, victimized by criminals, having problems in school settings, etc. Since psychology is a relatively young science, our theories are still in the development state. There is much that we don't know...so there are opportunities for doing scientific work as well either in universities or with the federal government (e.g., Army Research Institute, National Institute of Health).

I wish you the best!

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Gene’s Answer

Yes,  It is very rewarding to help and understand people. 

With any career there are parts that are more fun and more challenging.  There is a good description of pluses and challenges at


Congratulations on embracing all aspects of the field and preparing for the road ahead.