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How can do accomplish the most with my degree?

I am currently majoring in Psychology and I was wondering what steps would be best in order to get the most of my degree, in the sense of helping others. #psychology #helping-others

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2 answers

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Raven’s Answer

Hey Samuel, you should think about continuing your studies and go for a Masters, PhD, that would definitely open up a world of opportunities for you. Also look into internships and maybe start mentoring or help out in student counseling and mediating.

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Rachana’s Answer

Hi Samuel, in addition to the options presented above, there are additional ways to get the most out of your degree.  Networking and Mentoring are key skills to begin practicing while in school as they will benefit you throughout your working life.  Talk to your TAs, Professors, and other Professionals with whom you interact frequently, and ask them this same question. Write down their suggestions, follow through on them, and follow-up with the person who offered the suggestion.  Ask the person you connect with the most to formally or informally mentor you through your college career; this relationship will prove invaluable personally and professionally.  

Rachana recommends the following next steps:

Research and join professional organizations in your field, such as: https://www.nami.org/stigmafree