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What animal career is available with a bachelors degree in Animal Science?

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Wayne’s Answer

Good question. I asked the same one when I got my BS in Animal Science. I am currently working in the High tech industry so the short answer is that anything is possible. Animal Science is beneficial in many types of occupations including small animal care (grooming), ranching, meat production (poultry, pig, cattle raising), meat retail (meat markets), research, and many others. It is a launching pad and you can use it to do what you like to do, including business management and totally un-related fields.
The main question is "What do you like to do?" Do you like meticulous work (details, repeating, numbers)? If so, look for something in the research or animal studies area. If you like management, you can find something like ranching, meat production, meat marketing, research, etc. I would recommend looking for a self evaluation tool such as "Strengths Finder 2.0" which is a cheap book on Amazon but allows you to take an on line test to evaluate your interests and then explains the results so you have a much better idea about what you should look for.
Starting a career is tough because you don't know what the future holds and don't "know the ropes", but a career is a journey and not a destination. Pick something you think you will like and dive in. If you find it is not right for you, there is nothing to keep you from looking for something better. In my case, financial circumstances led me in the direction I took and even though I am not working in the animal industry any longer, the skills I learned helped me every step of the way. I actually had to change my original plan of being a rancher because I discovered I had a huge allergy to dust and couldn't be around dusty animals. I moved into the meat market and food distribution area and it worked out great.
Find out what your strengths and interests are, pick a field where you think you can exercise them and dive in. If it doesn't turn out to be what you expect, look for something different. Good luck in your search.

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