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What career is better, but similar to a zoologist besides a Veterinarian?

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Amber’s Answer

I think it depends on what you consider to be "better". What exactly is it you want out of your career? What is it that you find unappealing about being a veterinarian--the amount of schooling? That the animals you work with might not like you?

If you enjoy research or want to work in a lab, then consider going into academia. University professors have to teach courses, but also spend time doing research. Curators and collections managers at natural history museums also have the opportunity to do research, but also spend time organizing and expanding the collection, hosting outside researchers, and educating the public.

If you mostly want to work hands-on with animals, consider going into zookeeping. It's a lot of dirty, physical work--expect to be shoveling excrement outside in the rain or snow--but it can be very rewarding for the relationships that you develop with your animals. Typical tasks would be cleaning exhibits, preparing diets, providing enrichment, and giving presentations to the public.

If you want to help animals but don't think that research or field work is for you, then there are lots of other positions available in conservation organizations. Pretty much every conservation organization has positions for fundraising, publicity, etc. You could also take a more political route and work on environmental policy.