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What does a computer engineer do on a day-to-day basis?

The answer to this question may be simple, but I want to know if everything would be in a factory or in an office or if it varies depending on the position you're in. #computer-engineer

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2 answers

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Engineer87’s Answer

I was an engineering major in college and now I hire computer engineers for my businesses.

There are different types of computer engineers. Some computer engineers spend a lot of time designing hardware and chips, and they spend a lot of time with advanced (and very exciting to use) tools like CAD, circuit design and circuit layout tools. These are typically programs that run on high performance computers and sometimes supercomputers. Other computer engineers focus on the low level operation of the semiconductor chip itself, and design arithmetic logic flows and design chip building blocks like Flip-Flops, NAND memory cells, ALUs (arithmetic logic units), and advanced building blocks like pipelines, carry look-ahead logic, and multiprocessor RAM synchronization. All of these concepts sound big and complex but when you visualize them and start playing with them, they're fascinating and very approachable.

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Hi Engineer87! Thank you so much for the amazing advice you provided to Amber above. I had a few follow up questions I wanted to ask out of my own curiosity: 1. Could you talk a bit more about your own background/career path in engineering? I'd love to hear your perspective on the different types/day to day experiences of engineers. 2. What are some next steps one might take to identify which form of engineering is right for him/her? Any online resources would be amazing to see. Thank you so much in advance. Best, David David Ohta COACH

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Akshat’s Answer

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I answered a very similar question previously here.

On a day to day basis, we're usually in an office. If you're doing more hardware related things, you usually have a bench with oscilloscopes and other testing equipment.


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