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What are colleges I should consider in California for becoming an elementary teacher?

I want to go to a college in California because I live in California.
I want to become an elementary teacher because I love little kids and helping others. #teaching #teacher #professors #elementary-education

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2 answers

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Jennifer’s Answer

Something to consider is that you now need a masters degree within I believe 5 years after you start teaching with a bachelors degree.

You might consider looking into Teach for America or Oakland Teaching Fellows programs, both of which place bachelors-degree-holding individuals as teachers in underserved areas. My understanding is that both of those programs help finance their teachers to obtain their required masters degrees. You also do not need to major in education for your bachelors degree to go through those programs (although you can if you want to).

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Patricia’s Answer

Hi Devon,
Check out Santa Clara University! They are located in Silicon Valley and offer a Masters in Teaching program http://www.scu.edu/ecp/programs/teachered/mattc/. and also offer an undergraduate program in liberal studies http://www.scu.edu/ugrad/majors/major.cfm?m=32&Liberal%20Studies. Some private schools don't require a masters degree, but it varies across schools. You can also look for similar degree programs at other schools. Good Luck!