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Amanda Dec 31, 2020 552 views

Which Areas of Healthcare are Most Overlooked?

I want to explore where I can make a bigger impact in the future.
#healthcare #medicine #opportunities

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Makenzie Aug 03, 2018 602 views

Graduate School Scholarships and Grants

I learned that I was going to be continuing my education late July, which is very late to start applying for scholarships and grants. Does anyone have any advice about where to go to apply for scholarships or grants that are still open? #scholarships #grants #gradschool

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Azucena Mar 21, 2018 708 views

If my strengths are getting to know others and being respectful and my hobbies are playing trumpet and helping others, what career best fit me?

I am asking because I thought i had my life together but there is just alot of careers out there and i'm having a really hard time deciding. #helping-others #helping-people #respect #music

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Desoray Jan 22, 2018 640 views

A few of the University's I am looking at do not offer a pre-med major. What would be a good major to enter if the Pre-Med track is not an option(including Chemistry and Biology)do you believe I would be set back by not obtaining the pre-Med track.

Although I have been told it is not mandatory or entirely vital to major in Pre-Med to get into Med School.I would feel more secure in my studies if I majored in Pre-Med or something similar. What are your thoughts?

#pre-med ,#medicine #university #major #healthcare

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Devetra May 09, 2017 1213 views

Do you have to major in a science to go to Med school?

Heard that you didn't just wanted to be sure. #doctor #science #biology

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Alexander Mar 25, 2015 1643 views

I want to pursue my masters in public health

Hi guys. I will soon obtain my bachelors degree in Human services and I am planning of going for my Masters in Public Health! I believe both of these fields are similar in a way. My question is, would I be able to go straight into a Public Health Masters program with an undergrad in Human...

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Marcel Mar 21, 2015 1211 views

How would I go about preparing myself for handling the pressures of leading a small team and working late nights developing different advertising and marketing strategies?

Knowing that I want to major in marketing so I can become a marketing manager, I poked around online to see what different jobs and positions require. The job seems to require a lot of leadership and hours of work. I want to know if I can start early on developing ways to handle that pressure...

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Mitra Feb 10, 2015 7146 views

Do the classes you take in highschool really matter with what you end up majoring in?

I'm trying to choose my classes for my senior year but I'm having trouble because I don't know what I want to major in. I'm tempted to not take a science because I already took AP biology my junior year but I've been told that it is recommended to take four years of a science. Will it hurt me...

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Ksenia Nov 20, 2014 6978 views

Starting a day center for adults with special needs

Hi! So I want to start a day center for adults with special needs...a place where they can come during the day and have social interaction so their parents can go to work. I am planning on majoring in Business Administration-Entrepreneurship. What should I minor in...physchology? or what.. also...

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London Nov 06, 2014 1403 views

I am wondering what would be a good job to have when you're planning to start a family?

I am asking this question because my teacher wants us to know what job we want to have when we grow up. #fashion #career-paths #family #career-exploration

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Laurel Oct 08, 2014 2151 views

What careers do people with majors in Public Health usually go into?

I am a senior in high school and I am looking at Tulane University's School of Public Health. I would want to focus on public health surrounding nutrition. I want to go into non-profit work in Latin America and I think this degree will help me do that in a sustainable way. I think focusing on...

Julea’s Avatar
Julea Oct 01, 2014 6905 views

What can I do after school to practice marketing skills?

I am in high school and I want to build up my resume with marketing skills and experience. What did you do after school or on the weekends or vacations to get more marketing experience? If you help me come up with creative ideas for getting more experience I will be so thankful! #marketing...

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Xavier Oct 02, 2014 1391 views

Does anyone have any beginner recommendations about software, IT, and certificates that may help me ?

I am currently a college student looking to work with a few friends to create Indie games, flash games, etc. I want to learn about some websites, programs, that will help me teach myself coding and creating games on my own. #technology #software #it #developer

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Megan Oct 14, 2014 1833 views

What colleges/universities/degrees should I be looking at to become an epidemiologist?

My name is Megan, I am in 11th grade, and I would to like to become an epidemiologist. I would like to go to a college where they have an epidemiology program, or where epidemiologists have come from. Name as many as you know of because I would like to see a wide range of options. Keep in mind,...

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Lamarre Oct 28, 2014 2450 views

What is the most interesting career in psychology?

I'm a senior in high school. I've considered pursuing a major in Psychology, but am still unsure if I should continue with this major. #psychology #sociology #social-psychology #masters-in-pyschology