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Alexander Feb 14, 2016 1403 views

What does the Dean at a school typically do?

What does the Dean at a school typically do? I would highly appreciate some feedback in terms of the job description of a Dean.

Many thanks and have a great day.
#education #school #children #knowledge #dean

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Alexander Apr 10, 2015 1127 views

Masters in Public Health.

How valuable is a Masters degree in Public Health? #teaching #health #work #social

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Alexander Mar 25, 2015 1447 views

I want to pursue my masters in public health

Hi guys. I will soon obtain my bachelors degree in Human services and I am planning of going for my Masters in Public Health! I believe both of these fields are similar in a way. My question is, would I be able to go straight into a Public Health Masters program with an undergrad in Human...

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Alexander Sep 21, 2013 1501 views

I'll be obtaining my bachelor's degree soon in Human Services! What should I do next?

I would like to work in a school counseling kids, discussing the importance of education.
Motivate them to stay in school etc. What should my next step be? Is there anything I can
get involve with now that can help me later in the future? #college #education #degree #human #services