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When becoming an accountant, is it best to do multiple internships or just go straight into the workforce?

Asked Muncie, Indiana

I understand if you do several internships, you'll have more experience once you truly get an accounting career. But is it more useful to go straight into the workforce after you get your degree? Because by then, all of your academic knowledge is fresh in your mind and possibly businesses would like that from you. I'm just curious towards my future career choices.

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4 answers

Kristen’s Answer


Specifically, in regards to accounting, internships are fairly important. They're the only branch of business I know that hires interns two summers out in some cases and many accounting internships lead to full-time job offers, or at least prior interns have hiring preference over non-interns. Book learning only gets you so far, and while it is important to know formulas and basic setup and all of the GAAP rules that'll impact financial reporting, every single company you work for will have their process set up at least slightly differently and getting used to corporate business culture (or wherever you think you might end up) and forming those connections can play just as integral of a role as learning everything you can in your classes.

Gabrielle’s Answer

Updated Florham Park, New Jersey
Obtaining and completing an internship opportunity can be very beneficial towards your future career. You should think of an internship as a trial-run or a learning experience in which you can discover what peaks your interest and what you would like to continue pursuing. For instance, you can complete an internship in a certain accounting practice - such as tax or auditing - and come to the conclusion that is exactly what you would like a career in, or maybe that practice was not what you thought it would be, and you would like to try another accounting area. As accounting is a large field, an internship may help narrow your interests and chose the best career path for you. I would not say you are at a disadvantage if you chose either option. Even if you complete an internship after graduating, you would be surprised how much knowledge from college you will retain. Additionally, employers will oftentimes have you complete a training before starting, which will focus on areas and topics they would like you to know before beginning. Remember - a lot of learning is completed on the job as well! Oftentimes, accounting firms or private companies will offer internships to students while still in college. These internships usually occur during the summer or winter breaks. This may be an option that you would like to look into - as it is the best of both worlds! Personally, I chose to complete an internship the summer before my senior year of college. I obtained some insight into what the day-to-day operations of my future career would entail. Additionally, I was able to meet many future colleagues and mentors - it was an excellent opportunity that I would definitely recommend!

Viktoriya’s Answer

Updated Florham Park, New Jersey
I would definitely recommend to try and obtain an internship before you go to the workforce. As you might be aware there are different areas of accounting you might pursue (i.e. #audit #tax #advisory etc.). As such trying yourself in a certain field might help you to understand if you really like it and can give you an opportunity to try yourself in multiple areas of accounting.

Snow (Xue)’s Answer

Updated Montpelier, Vermont

I would recommend to do internships while you are in school. Right now, I am a winter intern for PwC. From my own internship experience, I definitely learn a lot from my internship and am able to apply what I learn in school to the real world problems. Further, doing internship can help you understand what you really like and which field you want to go into or whether being an accountant is the job you want. If you go straight into the workforce, it is harder to change your job; it takes much more effort and time. Therefore, I definitely recommend doing internships to find what your passion is at and then going into the workforce continuing doing what you like. Hope this helps.