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Vanessa C. May 14, 2016 578 views

What are some tips for choosing your first-year university courses?

There are so many options, I simply can't decide! Not only do I love physics, but I also love music, geology, chemistry, astronomy, and mathematics. I want to keep myself open, but 10 is the maximum. #college #university #courses...


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Kailey W. Sep 28, 2017 331 views

When becoming an accountant, is it best to do multiple internships or just go straight into the workforce?

I understand if you do several internships, you'll have more experience once you truly get an accounting career. But is it more useful to go straight into the workforce after you get your degree? Because by then, all of your academic knowledge is fresh in your mind and possibly businesses would...

#accountant #internships

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Mireia R. Sep 30, 2017 1224 views

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job in the fields of accounting, auditing, consulting, and/or taxing?

People like me often search for jobs that will allow them to make a difference in the world and give their life purpose meaning, and direction. Who knows? Maybe accounting could realize that goal. #accounting #audit #auditor #auditing #accountant #consulting #tax #taxing #taxation...


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Kendra P. May 30, 2018 302 views