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How would you go about gaining video game design education in Missouri?

Updated Nixa, Missouri

Every college I look at, online or campus-based, seems to have different terms and classes for this kind of subject. Some have a straight-up "degree of game design" while others seem to put it in an umbrella under things like "electronic arts" or "computer sciences". It's all a bit confusing to remember similarities and differences.
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2 answers

Brittonni’s Answer

Updated Washington
Hey there Noah! I will give a stab at answering this question. The true answer is there is no one way to go about learning the field of game design. Game design is useful for a wide array of jobs field. These can include concept artist, programmer, military simulations, hospital simulations. One of my most resent explorers was to resolving inner city community issues with technology. This field mixes computer science with art and design. So it is very hard for some schools to place it under one thing. I have attend a schools that created its own department just for game design called it an art degree. Then I have gone to another that called it a Science (computer science) degree. (So now I have an A.A. degree (Associates of Arts) and a B.S. degree (Bachelors of Science). I would consider the best school to be, a school that curriculum exposes you to both sides, Art and technical. (you will need to understand them both, regardless of your final path.) They should also give you a couple of bussiness classes as well, specifically related to marketing in the game industry (Because its very different than regular business practices. Take a look at the courses I have taken. These are the actual school I have attended. Try to find something similar. (Computer Gaming and Simulation AAS) http://catalog.montgomerycollege.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=6&poid=1101 (Simulation and Game Design (B.S.) http://www.ubalt.edu/cas/undergraduate-majors-and-minors/majors/simulation-and-game-design/ degree-requirements.cfm I hope this helps out!!!

Cuong’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Hey Noah, the reason why video game design is similar to computer science and electronic arts is due because most of the game design jobs requires you to know some coding language and a understanding of some game creation software or character creation software.

There are different areas when creating a video game. Programmer, Conceptual artist, Lead Animator, Level Designer, and the list goes on.

Most of these jobs require a good level of knowledge and skill in coding. While some of them focus upon the program and creativity.

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