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What is the best major (path) for me take to for video game designer?

Asked Coram, New York

I am very interested in designing game systems and games but I want to take the correct path there is a lot of different computer paths to take. #video-game-development #video-game-design #video-games

2 answers

Mark’s Answer

Updated Frederick, Maryland
Step 1: make games. There are many ways to do this: make mods, make paper prototypes, learn to write games in Unity or Unreal. You don't have to do it yourself -- you can partner with other people who have skills you lack. Just make games, and the more, the better. What Major should you study? That depends on the type of Design you want to do. Systems and mechanics designers would do well to study Mathematics, Physics, Economics, and Programming (I am a Systems and Mechanics Technical designer, and my degrees are in Math and Physics, and I have been a programmer for 35 years). Narrative Designers should study literature and creative writing. You should also study interactive fiction, if possible. Level Designers should study art, making sure to learn how to use 3D art packages like 3D Max or Maya. But, no matter which of these you study, you need to start making games. You won't understand how the above disciplines apply to your chosen craft until you use them to actually build something. It's not a straightforward process, but it's loads of fun. Best of luck!

Cuong’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

First thing first, you have to figure what kind of game designing you want to do?

Are you looking into level design, UI design, character design, or structure design?

Most of the work you do in video game design is programming and coding the functions.

Character design is where you create 2D/3D character models for the game.

I would try and use Unity 3D or Unreal engine, these two are industry software. Many game independent developers use them to create their games and build their name up.