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Victoria B. Oct 29, 2015 1443 views

For Microsoft:How much is the Salary?

I want to work for Microsoft to become an game developer, i plant to go to college for gaming and want to work with Microsoft when I gradute, but is the salary ok,good, or terrible? Any question will be apprectiated! #salary...


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Isaiah V. Apr 06, 2016 779 views

Game design or computer science?

I'm interested in game design and thinking about pursuing a career in game design. I heard that majoring in computer science is recommended. Is this true? #computer-science #computer #game-design #games...


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Calvin K. Jun 11, 2016 1003 views

Does a QA tester position open any future career opportunities?

I've seen QA tester job listings at many different game developers and I've always wanted to be a part of the gaming industry. But a lot of these job listings are only temporary employment and I'm afraid the sacrifice that accompanies these positions might outweigh the reward. Does having a QA...

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ABHINAV T. Oct 22, 2016 710 views

Which programming language is the most preferred one by employers?

Because am currently finishing my masters and i'm trying to gain some expertise in any specific language that's better preferred by employers #programming #it #software-development #game-development...


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Richard W. Oct 22, 2016 543 views

How should I prepare for a career in Game Design?

I wish to go into a career of Game Design and Programming. I want to be fully prepared for college so I know what I'm doing before I go in; also, I want to create small portfolio of simple games to show that I have some knowledge in the field. What kind of things should I do to become more...

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Patrick K. Dec 29, 2016 697 views

What was your first job in the game development industry? Please share your experiences--the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it--with me.

Hello. I am an aspiring Game Designer/Developer who's attending college to get my Bachelor's Degree. I was just wondering to all the veterans and professionals in the Game Development world, what was your first job title working in the industry? Did you like it? Was it memorable? What game...

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Chase M. Jan 11, 2017 915 views

How do I practice programming and making games?

Currently, all I know is a little bit of GameMaker's built in coding language, and I have a budget of 0 dollars. I've made 1 game with the help of a YouTube tutorial (an asteroids clone) and have multiple unfinished projects. I want to know the answer to these questions: What programming...

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Tyler H. Feb 22, 2017 670 views

What subject's are best for Game Designing or Engineering?

I want to be a Game Designer and Game player and I need to know what is involved in Game Designing #game-development...


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Tyler H. Feb 22, 2017 547 views

What would be the best college to go to if you want to design games and play games

I want to design games and play games and I want to know what would the best college to go to. #video-games #youtube #game-development...


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IAmGrootNotDuck G. May 01, 2017 850 views

How do i find my career?

I am interested in a lot of things i really like art and games and making things. I also love sports, my favorite being basketball, but it is hard to look to a career, so I would love any feedback for my career #graphic-design #basketball...


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Torrey T. Aug 31, 2017 448 views

Is an game developers job hard ?

I love games so I always thought why not make them and play them. #video-games...


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Dani S. Sep 27, 2017 368 views

What colleges and programs can support me in being a game designer?

I don't know what things I can do to be a game designer and what programs will be effective towards me to get help to learn from it. #college #game-design...


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Tyia B. Sep 28, 2017 372 views

Will I be able to find a position in Game Designing on the East Coast?

#game-development is the field I want to study but I'm not sure if I want to live on the West Coast where companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are...

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john H. Sep 28, 2017 360 views

What is the best major (path) for me take to for video game designer?

I am very interested in designing game systems and games but I want to take the correct path there is a lot of different computer paths to take. #video-game-development #video-game-design...


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Leah B. Nov 14, 2017 515 views

What Do You Need To Design A Video Game?

I need to find out what materials I need to be a video game designer. My tech teacher at school wants us to think about what we could do right now to earn money. This is important to me because I think I have the materials but I'm not sure about it. #techstuff #newcareer #video-games...

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