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Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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Leah Nov 14, 2017 962 views

I'm Very Good At Art And Await To Become A Professional. Any advice?

When I was 8-years-old I had to enter a picture or painting in an art contest. After a few days I had finished a picture of my cat, Catniss(I had a chose of 8 other cats but I went with her). My mom told me it looked exactly like her. I asked other people too if it looked like a real cat and...

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Leah Nov 14, 2017 944 views

What Do You Need To Design A Video Game?

I need to find out what materials I need to be a video game designer. My tech teacher at school wants us to think about what we could do right now to earn money. This is important to me because I think I have the materials but I'm not sure about it. #techstuff #newcareer #video-games...