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What kind of career involves travelling but also involves pursuing a career in psychology?

Asked Conway, Arkansas

I am in love with psychology, I love learning all these different forms of psychology and studying it... but I also want to travel so I am just trying to find a few options where I could do both. #psychology #travel #career-options

4 answers

Marilyn’s Answer

Updated Humble, Texas
The way I handled doing both was by becoming a school counselor and then taking groups overseas on trips in the summers. I had a tour group and took friends and colleagues every summer for 6 years. It gave me an opportunity to see places I would not be able to see by traveling free as a guide. There are job opportunities, as well with schools and hospitals overseas. This is one way to experience both. Best of luck, Marilyn Lowry

Eliza’s Answer

Is there such a thing as psychologists on cruise ships? Check various industries that themselves involve travel and see if there is any role for psychologists within that industry. Also try googling "psychology conferences." It's very normal within the professions (law, medicine, psychology, university professors in any subject...) to travel to professional conferences a few times a year. Sometimes they're in very cool places (Rome, etc.). In other words you could potentially just become a normal psychologist and then travel a few times a year to such conferences. AFAIK, at least under the current US tax code, such trips are generally tax deductible as business expenses.

Barri’s Answer

Updated Long Beach, California
If you become a psychiatric RN, and get a few years of experience, you can take travel assignments all over! It's not a bad way to go, as travel companies provide your housing (or a stipend, if you want to bring a camper and just take the extra cash), as well as an hourly wage. What's better, some psychiatric facilities work on 12 hour shifts, which can give you a lot of time to play.

Amina’s Answer

Updated Easton, Pennsylvania

There are programs that are similar or even within organizations like Doctors Without Boarders where you travel to place where people are in need and give them medical assistance which can and often does include therapy!