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What are the steps I need to take in order to become a certified teacher in Michigan?

I am an MSU Graduate Student who just graduated with a BA in Elementary Education. I am currently completed a year-long teaching internship at a local elementary school. At the end of the internship year, I will be a certified teacher. I want to know what additional steps are needed in order to be qualified.
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2 answers

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Bryant’s Answer

Hi Morgan,

Congratulations on your BA in Elementary Education. That's terrific that you are pursing a career as a Teacher in Michigan. I hope your teaching internship has gone well!

I personally am a certified teacher in CA which follows a similar path to certification as Michigan. First off, it seems you have completed the 2 biggest steps in becoming a teacher: your BA and student teaching experience. I think the next step that you must make sure you complete is to take and pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC).
Info about taking the MTTC can be found here:

Another requirement for becoming a MI teacher is to make sure you are submitting all of your relevant information (Credential, Test Results, Transcripts, etc.) to the Michigan Online Educator Certification system (MOECs). To update or create your Educator account visit:

MOECs is essentially your application to the Michigan Department of Education, and this required.

So to recap, after your BA, your student teaching, passing the MTTC certification test, and submitting your application through MOECs, you're all set as a certified teacher to start interviewing for elementary positions.

I hope this was helpful, best of luck!


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Laurel’s Answer

Hi Morgan,

I would recommend that you speak to an advisor at the MSU College of Ed to verify that you have met all of the requirements. They can best tell you what is required for certification today.