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What engineering jobs are popular in Boston?

Asked Boston, Massachusetts

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate and I am interested in going to Wentworth for construction management or engineering #engineer #construction

2 answers

Ethan’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Based on your interest in Construction Management, I'm guessing you'll be particularly interested in the building/construction industry, of which Boston certainly has. Mechanical, Architectural, Electrical, Civil, and Structural are all part of the building industry and there are plenty of firms that do those things in the Boston area.

Sean’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

Good for you wanting to go to Wentworth, that is where I graduated from!

A lot of my friends who graduated with those degrees are project managers, surveyors, estimators, construction managers, civil engineers, etc. You can find out a lot more if you take a campus tour.

thanks for your help. I will keep an eye out for future tours of the campus