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Ethan Case, PE, LEED AP

Mechanical Engineer at M-E Engineers, Inc.
New York, New York
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Denisse’s Avatar
Denisse Feb 18, 2020 443 views

What do you like most about construction field?

#construction #like #most

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Apr 25, 2016 2949 views

What classes should I take in highschool to major in engineering?

Kids are interested in majoring in engineering. #engineering

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Mar 24, 2015 1104 views

What classes should I take and what classes should I avoid doing more than once for either Computer Engineering, Mathematics, or software engineering. Also, which is easier, Software or Hardware engineering.

I am a senior in high school, and I was recently accepted to Rochester Institute of Technology. I am mostly interested in Computer Engineering. and engaged in a Computer Science elective/class at my school and I was an intern at my School's network IT team which made me interested in Computer...

Alissa’s Avatar
Alissa Mar 24, 2015 1077 views

For someone interested in majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Music (instrumental) and Mandarin, what careers would one recommend?

I am a senior in high school who has a passion for playing the violin and self- teaching themselves languages. I recently did a summer program at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology where I studied embedded controllers and processors and discovered my passion for engineering. The issue now is...

Declan’s Avatar
Declan Dec 01, 2014 998 views

What engineering jobs are popular in Boston?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate and I am interested in going to Wentworth for construction management or engineering #engineer #construction

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Dec 02, 2014 5642 views

What are the differences between architectural design and architectural engineering?

I am seriously considering becoming an architect and wanted to know the different options in this career path. #architect #architectural-design

Deuce’s Avatar
Deuce Dec 02, 2014 1893 views

There's all thus buzz about STEM careers but I love sports especially basketball, how do those things go together?

I'd love to make lots of money and enjoy my job at the same time. My passion is for sports. If I don't play pro ball I want to work in some area of sports, my aunt keeps saying to give STEM a chance . It's interesting but I don't know what sports jobs relate to STEM. #engineering #science #stem...

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 30, 2014 1141 views

What is Architectural Engineering and is it a career to go in?

Is architectural engineering also known as building engineering? If I pick this field of study what kind of courses I will take?. #career #engineer #architectural

Allen’s Avatar
Allen May 12, 2014 6426 views

How long do you have to go to college to be a photographer?

I'm a sophmore who is curious. #photography #cultures

Roanne’s Avatar
Roanne Apr 08, 2014 1114 views

What are some financial requirements to becoming a biomedical engineer?

I am junior in high school, interested in biomedical engineering. #career

Jamie ’s Avatar
Jamie Apr 30, 2014 4270 views

do you think it is smarter to go to community college first or to a university first?

i am going to college next year and i am just not quite sure which to pick #teaching #teacher #colleges #principal #friends #community #parents

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Apr 29, 2014 2006 views

Does attending an Ivy League or prestigious college affect the way potential employers view your application?

Could this give you an advantage when it comes to looking for jobs after graduating or even just internships during college? I will be attending an Ivy League next fall. #career #education #career-path #college-selection

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Apr 09, 2014 3461 views

How do you decide what type of engineering best fits you?

I am a Jr. in high school. I think engineering is pretty cool but there are just SO MANY TYPES.

Ernesto’s Avatar
Ernesto Apr 08, 2014 1071 views

What steps should I take in college to land a career as an aerospace engineer?

Besides majoring in that field what other steps should I do to become a competitive candidate for that job. #college #career #aerospace-engineering

Sage’s Avatar
Sage Apr 23, 2014 105341 views

What exactly does it mean when you minor in a subject, and, specifically, what would minoring in art entail?

I'm a sophomore in high school with a passion for art, but I am not sure if I really want to pursue it as my major. I've been thinking about minoring in art instead, so that I still have a chance to do art but am not tied to it and have other career options. However, as I came to this idea, I...